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Python Study

Burmese pythons are an iconic snake species best known through the exotic pet trade and as an invasive species in Florida. However, almost nothing is known about the species within its native range in Asia where it is believed to be declining. IUCN Red List categorizes them as Vulnerable and their decline is almost certainly due to human exploitation and habitat loss.

Since 2012, we have conducted a radio-telemetry study of Burmese pythons in Lawachara National Park to understand habitat use, home range, activity patterns, and the effects of their relocation in a human-modified ecosystem. To date, we have tracked 10 individual pythons in the area. This study will yield recommendations for python habitat protection and restoration, and will contribute to our basic biological knowledge of Burmese pythons.

Objectives of the Study

To use radio-telemetry to increase our understanding of Burmese python ecology and natural history in a human-modified landscape

To use this information to help plan conservation actions for Burmese pythons in northeast of Bangladesh and beyond

To develop an appreciation and sense of investment in Burmese python conservation within the local area

To formulate a sustainable model to mitigate human-python conflict and reduce the prevalence of python hunting

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